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Cajun, Creole and Zydeco Music in Lake Charles

Music traditions run deep in Southwest Louisiana. For generations, folks here have immersed themselves in the melodies, dance steps and lyrics of Cajun, Creole, Zydeco and other music genres that express the essential necessities of everyday life: family, relationships, food and fun.

All over town both denizens and visitors alike-crossing all ethnic and cultural lines-can find a bevy of clubs, dance halls, events and festivals in which to kick back or kick up their heels to some of the best live local and regional bands.

One of the most popular genres is Zydeco, a rhythmic style of American folk music that actually stems from its unique amalgamation of Cajun and Creole stylings. Embracing a wide array of fans of all ages, Zydeco is sometimes referred to as the "language" of Southwest Louisiana. In fact, some say it has also become the "Country and Western lifestyle" of the African American community for its energetic, up-tempo beats.

So where does one find this bastion of Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana culture?:

• Yesterdays is the place for oldies and popular Swamp Pop music.

• Aucoin's Cajun Restaurant highlights local bands playing live Cajun music every Friday and Saturday night.

• Check out Diva D's Zydeco Workout six days a week on radio station KZWA 104.9 FM for a soulful, cardio calisthenic workout for your soul.

• Louisiana Zydeco Live on TV station KHVP (Fox 29) is the only Zydeco television show in the world, reaching a global audience of Zydeco enthusiasts that thrive on its beats and "everyday" lyrics. Dance at home in your skivvies, if you dare!

So grab your favorite dance shoes, friends and family, and spirit of adventure to kick it in Lake Charles, the jewel of Southwest Louisiana.

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Aucoin's Cajun Restaurant
337- 622-3582,

Diva D's Zydeco Workout - Radio station KZWA

Louisiana Zydeco Live on TV station KHVP (Fox 29)