LAKE CHARLES, La. (April 2, 2013)- Sternwood & MacGuffin's short horror film, East Stackton, shot in Southwest Louisiana in 2011, is complete and available for digital download. The film was written by Sean Farina and Lake Charles' own John Veron while living in Los Angeles. It can be purchased at for $4.95 and includes lagniappe such as "Locations," explaining why they shot the movie in Southwest Louisiana.

"Before making this movie, I'd never been to film school or even worked on a movie," said John Veron, writer. "My director had been a production assistant on some small productions in New Orleans, but that's it. We were both complete greenhorns learning as we went."

"If we can do it, so can other people. With all the people from California coming to Louisiana to make films, the time is ripe for some homegrown cinema of our own. The process of making the movie was long; two years from shooting our first scene to being 100 percent done, but we got it done."

East Stackton centers on Carroll Whitfield, played by Lake Area native Jared Bankens, as he travels to the titular town to check up on the latest branch of the House and Home hardware store chain. After he arrives, Carroll begins to suspect that the townspeople are hiding something from him. Carroll must get to the bottom of the town's secret without rousing the suspicions of the town's mayor, played by Southwest Louisiana's Gary Shannon, or Sheriff, played by Lake Charles' Mike Mayo.


For more information, please contact John Veron, producer, at 323-543-5374 or