Game On! Tourism Ambassadors

LAKE CHARLES, La. (May 20, 2010) - Yesterday, the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) educated 95 members of the Southwest Louisiana hospitality industry with its new Game On! Hospitality Ambassador Training Program. 

The workshop consisted of informing front line staff of all assets, attributes and happenings in Southwest Louisiana.  Participants were provided with an easy to use training manual and collateral pieces which will assist them in providing superb hospitality information to visitors and guests they encounter. 

These individuals went the extra mile to increase their knowledge of all there is to see and do in Calcasieu Parish and have received their Game On! Ambassador certification. 

Alex Kern, Petro Bowl
Alexis Lee, Booda's Bistro
Allison Perry, Holiday Inn - Sulphur
Allyson Montgomery, Children's Museum
Amanda White, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Amberlee Chappell, SPAR
Angel Trahan, Lake Charles Library
Ann Barilleaux, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Ann O'Reilly, Gray Plantation
Anna Fox, US Fish & Wildlife
Armajean Declouet, Genealogy Library
Aunjelle Lafleur, SPAR
Barbara Cahes, Black Heritage Festival
Belinda Thibodeaux, Comfort Inn
Ben Young, US Fish & Wildlife
Betsy Granger, Holiday Inn - Sulphur
Betty Hebert, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Binal Sheh, Super 8
Brittney Clark, SPAR
Bruce Hamilton, National Networks
Carol Anne Gayle, 1911 City Hall
Caroline Griffin, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana CVB Volunteer
Casie Fox, Petro Bowl
Charles Ware, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana CVB Volunteer
Chelsea Broussard, Petro Bowl
Christina Coco, SPAR
Cornell Thomas, Lake Charles Library
D. Patel, Super 8
Danielle Darby, SPAR
David Conner, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Devan Davis, Booda's Bistro
Diane Borden-Billiot,  US Fish & Wildlife
Dianne Dronet SWLA, Economic Development Alliance
Draylan Gant Lake, Charles Regional Airport
Greg Mahoney, Jon Margeaux
Heather Owen, Candlewood Suites
Holly Stewart, Gray Plantation
James Mayo, Lake Charles Civic Center
Jamie Mangelinkx, LaQuinta - Prien Lake Rd.
Jann Bennett, Mardi Gras Museum
Jennifer Greene, City of Sulphur
Joe B. Heacook, Booda's Bistro
Joe Toups, Lake Charles Civic Center
John Drake, Lake Charles Regional Airport
John Savell, US Fish & Wildlife
Joi Broussard, Children's Museum
Jonathan Koenck, US Fish & Wildlife
Judy Chiasson, Lake Charles Country Club 
Judy Davidson, Lake Charles Library
Justin LeBrun, Booda's Bistro
Kacy Caraway, SPAR
KaJuana Rene, LaQuinta - Prien Lake Rd.
Kaleb Gardiner, Petro Bowl
Kali Sunden, SPAR
Karen Broussard, Holiday Travel
Karen Quiceno, Booda's Bistro
Kenneth Thibodeaux, Petro Bowl
Larissa Guillory, Petro Bowl
Lauren Frederick, Booda's Bistro
Laurette Fluitt, DeQuincy Railroad Museum
Leslie Hartwell, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Linda Robertson, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Liz Deville, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Lynette Clark, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Macy Hutchison, Comfort Inn
Mali Gnac, Petro Bowl
Malory Comeaux, Booda's Bistro
Marilyn Wheeldon, Charleston Gallery & Antiques
Marrissa Montie, SPAR
Marsa Fontenot, US Fish & Wildlife
Matthew Karam, Lake Charles Regional Airport
Merline Morvant, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana CVB Volunteer
Michael Lazare, Booda's Bistro
Midge Singleton, Insignia Hotel Management
Mieka Landry, Booda's Bistro
Millicent Jones, Mardi Gras of SWLA
Nancy Kelley, SWLA Economic Development Alliance
Nina McDaniel, Imperial Calcasieu Museum       
Paula Ramsey SWLA, Economic Development Alliance
Raynell Ingold, Calcasieu Council on Aging
Samantha Carlile, Booda's Bistro
Samantha Trahan, SPAR
Sarah Lyons, Booda's Bistro
Shannon Sterling, Petro Bowl
Shelby Richard, US Fish & Wildlife
Shirley Burwell, Lake Charles Library
Shirley Maurer 
Stephanie Benoit, City of Sulphur
Susan Herpche, Petro Bowl
Susan Reed, Imperial Calcasieu Museum
Tammy Cole, BBQ Pit Stop
Thom Trahan, Brimstone Historical Society 
Vicki Broussard, Home Builders Assoc. of SWLA
Wesley Pitre, Lake Charles Regional Airport
Zoe Domingue, Petro Bowl

The mission of the free Game On! program is to increase awareness of the attractions and tourism products in Calcasieu Parish in an effort to make visitors feel especially welcome.  It was open to the entire hospitality community in Calcasieu Parish including hotels, restaurants, attractions, transportation companies, festivals, caterers, galleries and other tourism related entities. The program is completely funded by the CVB at no cost to participants.

Additional training sessions will occur throughout the remainder of the year specifically geared toward local accommodations personnel.  There will be another public training session for all members of the hospitality community Tuesday, Sept. 7. For more details or information on how to register for the program, contact Megan Monsour Hartman at (337) 436-9588 or

For more information, contact the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau at (337) 436-9588 or visit