Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana is a destination abundant in a wide variety of attractions and activities. The sheer volume of what can be experienced is astounding from world-class hunting/fishing and the great outdoors to luxurious casino complexes or Cajun culture that is celebrated through food, festivals, music and language.

To effectively communicate the diversity of the area for various groups the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau and Parker Brand Creative developed a five category “identity marketing” approach with broad strokes covering the top five reasons people travel to Southwest Louisiana. In order to better highlight who “we are”, the campaign will use sensory words to evoke emotion and bold calls to action. The five identities are Casino/Nightlife, Foodies, Outdoor Adventure, Family Fun/Festivals, and History/Culture.

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5 Marketing Identify Videos

How do people experience Southwest Louisiana – really? We don’t want people to be confused about the types of memories they can create in our corner of the state. So, we’ve developed 5 marketing identities that reflect the main types of attractions that would appeal to visitors. In order to showcase our top five features in sharable ways, we have created videos with people who live here talking about Southwest Louisiana from different perspectives: Outdoor Adventurers, Nightlife/Casinos, History & Culture, Family Fun & Festivals, and Foodies. Watch the full playlist below. 





For additional information, contact:
Shelley Johnson, executive director
Elizabeth Eustis, public relations manager
Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau
(337) 436-9588 or (800) 456-7952