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Lake Charles Home Featured in Old House Interiors Magazine

LAKE CHARLES, La. (March 26, 2013)-The Communications Department of the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau offers story suggestions to journalists across the country for editorial coverage. Last year, while promoting the Palm Sunday Tour of Homes and 100th Anniversary of the Margaret Place Historic District, the bureau hosted a freelance writer, Deborah Burst.

Burst wrote a story entitled "Romantic 1920s Bayou Bungalow" that is featured in Old House Interiors magazine in the May/June 2013 edition. The article highlights Bruce and Barbara Wyman's period craftsman cottage restoration with bungalow details and craftsman antiques sprinkled throughout the home.

"What's fascinating is that this is the second time the Wyman's home was featuring in a national magazine! In 1991, it was a Better Homes & Gardens Home Improvement Contest winner," said Megan Monsour Hartman, senior marketing manager.

Burst has been a professional writer and photographer for nearly 10 years. With more than 1,000 articles published, the Lake Charles cover story is one of her most prized accomplishments. "I've had many photos published, but a cover photo with such a prominent national home magazine is a dream come true," said Burst with pride adding it took more than a year from start to finish to see the story in print.

"I couldn't have done it without the help of Megan Hartman and Barbara Wyman. The back story on this cover story is an article in itself. Megan was with me every step of the way, down to hauling boiled seafood for the patio table spread. And without Barbara's passion for decorating and collecting, there would be no story."

"We are constantly looking for unique story ideas for travel journalists. The Calcasieu Historic Preservation Society continues to provide interesting angles for potential coverage and the Wyman's were gracious to offer their home for the photo shoot," said Hartman.

"I always love visiting Lake Charles to taste its great food, engage with wonderful people, see stunning architecture and capture excellent photos along the Creole Nature Trail," said Burst.

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