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Angie Manning, Communications Director, CDME
Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana
Convention & Visitors Bureau

New Video Inviting People to “Reconnect” on the Creole Nature Trail

LAKE CHARLES, La. (September 28, 2016)—Sensory overload, too much screen time and the ever-present phone in our pockets. These days, it’s much too easy to get caught up in the virtual world. Taking into consideration cultural technology trends, the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) crafted a new video to highlight the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road and the idea of families reconnecting through being immersed in the natural world.

“People are oversaturated—texts, tweets, videos and all things screen. It’s pervasive in our culture, and children and their parents alike fail to live in the moment. This video shows kids turning from their electronic devices, returning to personal relationships with each other and their parents all by renewing their connection with nature through experiencing the breathtaking scenery and wildlife right here in Southwest Louisiana along the Creole Nature Trail,” said Anne Klenke, CVB tourism director and project manager.

The video showcases a day-in-the-life of visiting the trail from interacting with the exhibits at Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point to viewing wildlife and attractions along the way to a stunning sunset finish, shot over Lake Charles. The sunset shot helps communicate to the visitor that this outdoor wonderland is within driving distance of a thriving metropolitan area.

“In keeping with the vibrant visuals, the soundtrack ties in the emotion of creating lasting memories by utilizing traditional Louisiana instruments along with orchestral melodies and dynamic soundscapes that intertwine with the images,” said Angie Manning, CVB communications director.

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