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Shelley Johnson, executive director
Kaylen Fletcher, public relations manager
Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau
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Nominate Authentic Southern Attractions for National Geographic Maps

LAKE CHARLES, La. (June 5, 2013)-National Geographic Maps will highlight world-class natural and cultural attractions from Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. The project seeks to promote geotourism, which sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place-environment, culture, heritage and the well-being of its residents.

Louisiana residents can nominate sites for potential inclusion in an interactive geotourism-themed website map program, a Geotourism Mapguide Mobile Application and a printed Geotourism MapGuide. These tools and maps will highlight nominated sites and attractions that are unique to each region; such as local restaurants, scenic trails, bed & breakfasts, historic attractions, fishing destinations, museums, galleries, or public lands.

Nominations can be made on through July 15. The website and printed Mapguide will be available in December.