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New Frontiers in Destination Marketing
VisitLakeCharles Partnered with USeek Yielding Remarkable Results


LAKE CHARLES, La. (May 20, 2019)—The Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau, known as Visit Lake Charles online, partnered with USeek, recognized for its work with megabrands such as T-Mobile, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Virgin America, and Go Pro among others on a highly successful, experimental marketing endeavor that has never been done in the travel space.

USeek branched out into destination marketing for the first time with its interactive video technology that bridges the gap between brand and performance marketing; while delivering qualified emails from targeted users who they can prove have watched to completion and engaged inside the ad. The relationship was initiated by Visit Lake Charles, but the test campaign was a successful collaboration between the two organizations.

The campaign ran through USeek’s distribution network of over 60,000 premium mobile apps specifically targeting male and females 25-55 in the categories of travel, gambling, food & beverage, lifestyle, and music.  The users were geo-targeted to Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, Monroe LA, Shreveport LA, New Orleans, and El Dorado AR, and the campaign flight ran in the first quarter of 2019. 

The results are significant with 495,000 in video engagements. The video had hidden icons throughout, and consumers were challenged to find and click on each icon in the video proving data points of focus. The 60-second video had a true completion rate of 77%. In addition, the campaign yielded over 13,000 unique e-mails of people interested in learning more about Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana.

“One of the biggest benefits to the USeek platform is that it naturally integrates with a consumers’ behaviors and doesn’t impose advertising on them. It is not like a TV commercial that comes on during a show or an ad that shows before a YouTube video that people are trying to skip or setting their device down while it plays. People were aware that they were going to be watching an ad because they clicked on it in an app, and then, they maintain engagement because it is a fun challenge, and they gain something positive from the interaction,” said Amos Orr, digital marketing strategy manager for Visit Lake Charles.

The test campaign was also tracked with the help of ADARA’s research technology, and Visit Lake Charles was able to leverage the platform to gain valuable, economic insight on users who interacted with the video such as hotel and flight booking and revenue generated from exposure to the campaign. 

“All of us as consumers are tired of being held hostage by ads and having them forced on us.  Our whole mission has been to use innovation and technology to create a positive experience that reduces the feeling of ad fatigue on the consumer so that they engage willingly and are immersed in the value proposition form the brand.” said Huntley Ritter, CEO and founder of USeek. 

 “By layering elements of gamification over an existing video asset, USeek was able to add a new dimension of value for Visit Lake Charles. The in-app video experience exposed the Visit Lake Charles brand to new audiences via non-traditional ‘advertising’ and delivered view through and e-news opt-in rates that were truly remarkable. This campaign truly demonstrated the power of delivering a contextually relevant message via the right platform,” said Theresa Overby, director of social media strategy at Miles Partnership.

For more information on the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana area or to view the interactive video that was promoted with the campaign, log onto or follow #VisitLakeCharles.