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Posts from January 2015

Rediscovering Home

1/29/2015 by Brice Perrin
Posted In:  Outdoors
A few days ago I decided to set out on an adventure to re-discover my home turf. I struggled with where to start. Being a photographer, I decided to start in the country and work my way in. Just a heads up...there's so much to see and do, that there's NO WAY to get it all in one post. By Brice Perrin Southwest Louisiana has some of the
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Louisiana Shrimp Stew

1/12/2015 by Megan Hartman
Boiled shrimp by www.monsoursphotography.net My three-year-old son, Banks, is a pretty picky eater! His favorite foods all involve loads of sugar, but there is hope for him yet! Banks loves shrimp. He eats fried shrimp, boiled shrimp (if I peel it for him), shrimp gumbo, but his favorite is shrimp stew. So for this cold night, I’m making
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