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Posts from April 2014

Sunday Brunch

4/24/2014 by Austin Price
Adapted from Austin Price's April 2014 THRIVE Magazine article Luna Bar & Grill's Omelet Mamou by Michelle Higginbotham When the English writer Guy Berringer coined the term “brunch” in 1895 and proposed that England make it a staple of their weekends, his reasons were as social as they were gustatory. In fact, he wasn’t particularly
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5 Must Eat Fried Foods in Lake Charles

4/2/2014 by Cory Cart
Posted In:  Culinary
Crispy, juicy and often salty - and when prepared correctly, nothing satisfies me like fried food. In fact, I sometimes only eat fried food when I travel. While I’m not a food expert, I did grow up in a household that traded in their Fry Daddy for a Fry Pappy (a larger model of the popular Fry Daddy – in case you weren’t aware) and never felt the
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