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Posts from May 2014

Memorial Day in SWLA

5/23/2014 by Amos Orr
M emorial Day in Lake Charles offers several ways to pay honor to those who have fought for our freedoms. One way is to visit the Avenue of Flags at the Graceland/Orange Grove Cemetery. Casket Flags line the drive through the cemetery in honor of fallen men and women. These flags were donated just for this day and special memoriam. The flags will be
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Golfing in Southwest Louisiana

5/7/2014 by Glen Turk
By Glen Turk Golfing, Gambling, Fishing, and Dining Combine to Create a Memorable Trip www.monsoursphotography.net The sum of any great golf trip is a collection of its parts. Even the most avid golfer will tell you it's the adventures enjoyed in between the fairways hit and birdies made that truly define a distinctive golf vacation.
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