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Author: Megan Hartman

Megan Hartman is a lifelong resident of southwest Louisiana. Megan was in a duck blind by the age of two but has never mastered the art of calling. She enjoys boating in the Calcasieu River, crabbing along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road and cooking for her family. Cajun music makes her smile. She resides in Carlyss with her husband, two children and two lapdogs. Follow her on Twitter @mmonsou1


One Tank Trip to the Gulf Coast Beaches

7/11/2016 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Outdoors
Whether you’re looking for a “staycation” or quality family time, heading south to the beaches of Cameron Parish along the Creole Nature Trail is a great option here in Southwest Louisiana. Last summer, all my brother wanted for his birthday was for the family to grill out on Rutherford Beach . Truth be told, I’ve never spent too much time on
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Beach Cruising with Kids Survival Guide

7/7/2016 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Outdoors
It’s Saturday morning. I’m packing the ice chest and making sure we’ve packed a huge tower of towels before heading south to the beach for the day. You never know who’s gonna spill or make a mess, get wet or throw sand. I guess I’ll grab another towel and a large pack of Wet Ones. Lake Charles is less than an hour from the natural, Gulf Coast
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Advice for First Time Visitors to Lake Charles, Louisiana

4/18/2016 by Megan Hartman
There are a few things you must know when visiting Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our food is totally delicious. Fresh seafood, homemade gumbo, fried shrimp platter, boiled crawfish, fresh oysters, boudin and cracklins will have you beggin’ for some elastic waist pants! Bring those comfy yoga pants, ladies, or loose fitting jeans, fellas! To get a lay
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Top 10 Questions About the Creole Nature Trail

4/15/2016 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Outdoors
Our Adventure Guides put together a list of the most frequently asked questions visitors ask about the free Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. Where does the Creole Nature Trail start? The trail loops through Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes along the coast. A great place to start your journey is at the Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point , 2740
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Nellie Lutcher: Part of the Music History of Southwest Louisiana

3/28/2016 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  History, Arts
R&B singer Nellie Lutcher was a part of Southwest Louisiana’s music history and now we are celebrating her as part of the Arts & Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana’s Roots Revival program this spring. (1956 appearance on NBC Today Show) On April 21, the Roots Revival showcase concert will honor music legends like Lutcher, Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams and Goldband Record artists at Historic Central School, 809 Kirby St. in Lake Charles.
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Lake Charles Casinos Are Nearby One Another

3/7/2016 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Gaming
Spending some down time in our local casino resorts and hearing our visitor reactions during their stay makes me appreciate Lake Charles. We have the luxurious amenities, top name entertainment and in my opinion, excellent food in our casino resorts! Plus, Southwest Louisiana exudes Southern hospitality and getting around town is a breeze. Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana offers several options for gaming that are all nearby and an easy drive away with free parking. 
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Louisiana Rice: Farm to Table

12/10/2015 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Outdoors, Culinary
Last summer, I took the guys in my family on an outdoor adventure. I took them to Grosse Savanne Eco-tours to experience the baby birds nesting in the rookeries, which is one of the most precious things in nature to me. When we pulled up to the field office in Bell City, Louisiana to meet our guide, he asked if we would like to start the tour in
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Meeting Chef Jeff with Flip My Food

10/19/2015 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Culinary
Having the opportunity to meet Chef Jeff Henderson with Flip My Food was a blast! Their food truck pulled into the parking lot of Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point and out came the entourage – hair stylist, makeup artist, sous chefs, producers, directors, gaffers and videographers…these folks had it all together! Chef Jeff hits up the nature
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