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Author: Russell Graves

Russell Graves has been traveling the country telling authentic Texas stories with his camera and his words - both written and spoken since 1989. After leaving a 16 year career of teaching agricultural science in 2009, he continued to photograph, write, and speak about his experiences and the people he meets.  Currently, Russell lives in the country north of Childress, Texas with his wife Kristy and their two children Bailee and Ryan.  For more videos, images, and articles, check out http://www.russellgraves.com/

Botsky's: Lake Charles' Premium Hotdogs Spot

7/29/2015 by Russell Graves
Posted In:  Culinary
The menu speaks volumes: MacDaddy & Cheese, Slawdog Millionaire, and other fun and catchy names hint at the fun you’ll have in this downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana eatery long before the hot dogs are delivered to your table. This unique eatery does one thing and does it remarkably well.  They specialize in hot dogs.
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Making Memories on Big Lake

4/8/2015 by Russell Graves
Posted In:  Outdoors
By my best guess in talking to the locals, the 45-degree weather is a bit chilly for late March. A cold front blew through and shifted the wind from the familiar southerly direction to the north. It isn’t a hard wind (at least by Texas Panhandle standards) but is steady nonetheless. From my hotel, the drive is short and twenty minutes is all it
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