Forget swimsuit season – its Spring festival season in Southwest Louisiana and I’ve got a sweet tooth, y’all!

Funnel Cake

Funnel Cakes at the Dequincy Railroad Days Festival

A 100% MUST at any fair or festival. It’s more than just fried dough, y’all. It’s a part of festival living. Part of the fun is trying not to get the sugar all over your face. Little Hint: You’ll have sugar all over your face.

Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon at Contraband Days - Louisiana Pirate Festival in Lake Charles, La.

Let’s just think about this for a second. Mmmm. Now let’s add it to on top of the funnel cake! This sweet and savory treat is featured at Louisiana Pirate Festival.

Mayhaw Jelly

These sweet, red berries make an excellent jelly. Taste all you want at the Starks Mayhaw Festival!

I have an intense love for mayhaw jelly because my dad makes it every year! Lucky for me, the town of Starks celebrates this little berry with a festival. Fall in love with this sugar sweet jelly at the Starks Mayhaw Festival.


Beignets: Louisiana

It’s Louisiana’s ultimate icon of Southern fried dough. All hail the beignet.


Pralines of all shapes and sizes can be found at Southwest Louisiana festivals.

Who would have thought a little brown sugar, evaporated milk, butter and pecan halves could make something so heavenly. *Drools*

Fried Treats (oreos, twinkies, snickers, etc.)

If it can be fried, it will be fried.

 What a brilliant idea! We all know frying something makes it a million times tasty AND cancels all the bad calories. (wink wink) 

SnoCones / SnoBalls

Sno Cone/Sno Ball

You know you are in Louisiana when you have to wait until April/May to see snow. I wouldn’t have it any other way! (Find local snoball stands, here)


Popsicles: Homemade and FULL of flavor. Delish.

We’ve got something special in Lake Charles. They are frozen, creatively flavor and full of 80s flare: Pops and Rockets popsicles are one of a kind and super delish. You’ll find the pop mobile at Downtown at Sundown.


Frosty Factory - Daiquiris

Sticking with the frozen theme, every good festival should end with a strawberry daiquiri. Even if that means visiting one of the drive-thru daiquiri shops!

For a full list of upcoming festivals visit, or download our Events App, here.