How often do you recall a memory, only to hear friends or family tell you that is not how they remember it or “That didn’t happen!” Or maybe you have to do a double take out the window or down the hall because you could have sworn you’ve seen something other than what was actually there? Happens to me all the time. Sometimes the alternative memories and visual tricks are what I wish the reality was. Maybe my soul is trying to tell my brain something…

This month’s Photo of the Month from photographer, Pratik Thapa, got me thinking about points of view and how each of us sees/remembers things differently. It also got me thinking about how artistic interpretation allows us to express a view we’d prefer or illustrate a dream we wish were true. 

When I first saw Pratik’s photo, I saw another great shot of a Creole Nature Trail sunset. But once I spoke to Pratik, he told me he had added to the image. He took a familiar view and altered it. There is something added to his image that was not there in reality.

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge

“That day I was out to capture images of the place I often visit. I packed all the gear and I headed to Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. It was a beautiful sunset. Slowly the sun turned orange as it started setting below the horizon. I found tall grass and used it as a foreground and the sky as a background. I drew those birds later and added it to the picture for an impactful image.”

Those birds are not even real! Fooled me, Pratik. Your memories and eyes may play tricks on you, but I think these “tricks” could be your spirit or conscience giving you a little nudge to make things happen, to alter your current view and make dreams reality. Keep your heart and eyes open for new opportunities, or at the least, express your positive self and see what alternative views you come across.

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