It’s that time again. Time to find a new outlook on life. To make a resolution or two and work hard on sticking to them. I have just one New Year’s resolution for 2017: to take the time to notice and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

Negativity oftentimes dominates our newspapers, Facebook and Twitter news feeds. For 2017, I challenge you to find the beautiful moments in your life and share them. You never know how just a tiny moment of a shared story or photograph might make an impression on someone.

That is exactly what Steven Perez did with this magnificent photo of the 210 Bridge in Lake Charles. I saw this and was blown away.

210 Bridge Sunset: Photo of the Month by Steven Perez

“I've been attempting to capture different perspectives on things we see every day.  I am personally guilty of running on autopilot as I drive about town and allow "backyard syndrome" to set in. This has caused me at times forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. In an attempt to remedy this "ailment," I sought out a point of view of something that I see every day and show it in a new light. My goal was to capture a moment that would be a reminder of just how breathtaking of a place I am lucky enough to call home.” 

Make 2017 happy. Not just for yourself but for others. And, we’d love to hear and see your happy moments. Tag your stories and photos with #VisitLakeCharles, and we’d be happy to share them.

Happy New Year!

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