"Before I Die" is a global public art project that invites the community to share their personal aspirations in a public space through non-destructive graffiti. The project, which started in New Orleans, will now be featured in SWLA in the heart of downtown Lake Charles.  The public is encouraged to write what they hope to accomplish in their lifetime on the wall.  The installation will officially open on Friday, September 27th.  It is downtown’s first interactive art installation and will be displayed in Lake Charles on the west side of 505 Bazaar at 314 Broad Street.

Longtime friends Charles Talen and Euric Fuselier, owner of 505 Bazaar, teamed up to bring this world recognized art installation to SWLA.  Talen says "it's a fun way for people to reflect on what they want from their lives and draw inspiration from the dreams of others."  They hope to keep the wall up as long as the community wants to enjoy it.

The Before I Die project started in New Orleans in 2011 by artist Candy Chang, after the death of a friend.  It has been featured in cities all over the world, including, Madrid, Spain, Beijing, China and Lisbon Portugal.  The Before I Die project has been in over 50 countries and in 20 different languages. 

For questions, contact Charles Talen at 337-370-0353.

Learn about more events in SWLA at www.visitlakecharles.org/events