2016 was our best year yet for the blog. The team and I wrote over 100 blogs – 108 to be exact. Here are the most viewed and highest rated blogs of 2016. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for 2017!

  1. Pokémon Go: Where to GEAUX in Lake Charles  – 7272 views

    Catch 'em all in Lake Charles - Pokémon Go

“While searching for Pikachu, remember to look up from your phone screen and enjoy the real world around you. Here are a few places (no particular order) in Southwest Louisiana we suggest exploring while you are Pokémon hunting!”

  1. 8 Ways to Be an Adventurous Eater in Lake Charles4512 views

    Crazy Hamburger from Cotten's Downtown.

Étoufféeboudin, cracklins, gumbojambalaya – our Southwest Louisiana food may be “different,” but some local restaurants elevate our eclectic palates to even greater heights.  Here are eight ways to be an adventurous eater in Lake Charles.”

  1. #EatSWLA: Spicy Sausage & Crawfish Spaghetti Casserole2199 views

    Crawfish Casserole

Ask anyone from Cajun Country, and they’ll tell you their favorite crawfish recipe. They’ll probably tell you the best way to prepare it too! My mom always said the best dishes start in a big Dutch oven (cast iron skillet). And, Mama knows best.”

  1. Wheels to “Flavor Town”: Southwest Louisiana2039 views

“From tacos to pulled pork to authentic Chinese food, there is no shortage of deliciousness rolling through the streets of Southwest Louisiana. The food trucks have a wide variety and seem to be adding new fans on each corner where they set up shop. Let me introduce you to your next MUST HAVE meals and their chefs.”

  1. Chuck Fest 2016 : Local Brew2005 views

“There is one festival that takes #SupportLocal to a new level. That’s Chuck Fest. Chuck Fest is a celebration of all things Lake Charles. Dedicated to showcasing “Lake Chuck’s” cultural community, the festival puts the focus on the area’s local talent.”

  1. You know you’re from Lake Charles if… - 1932 views

“You put a pot of rice on the stove to cook before you even know what’s for dinner because whether it’s gumbo, red beans and rice, or simply rice and gravy, you'll probably be making something with rice in it for dinner. “

  1. 8 Things You’ll Need for a Cajun Thanksgiving1864 views

“Of course every family has their traditions when it comes to the Thanksgiving Day and the menu. This year, I challenge you to give your dinner a touch of SPICE with some Cajun-inspired dishes.”

  1. 4 Reasons You Should Go to the Louisiana Pirate Festival1548 views

“1. Dress like a Pirate. Let’s ALL be honest. When you’re an adult and there’s a chance to act like a kid – WE TAKE IT! Join your fellow buccaneers and Jean Lafitte  as the mayor walks the plank, for pirate parades and fireworks. It’s all in good fun!“

  1. 6 Best Breakfasts in Southwest Louisiana 1429 views

“They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ll have no problem getting your morning off to a great start at these Southwest Louisiana diners and restaurants known for serving daybreak deliciousness.”

  1. Dog-Friendly Places in Lake Charles1410 views

“In order to help, I’ve decided to put my best paw forward to highlight dog-friendly places in Southwest Louisiana so that you can wag your tail alongside family & friends and enjoy all of the great offerings!”