Did you know that the Children's Museum in Lake Charles is open? Well, it is! And they have worked tirelessly to make sure that you have a fun and safe experience when you decide to bring your children. Plus with many schools having a delayed start to the school year, now is the perfect time to support a local institution, and get your children out of the house in a safe and clean environment. Check out the video and Q&A below to learn about all the updates!

Q: How have operations at the Children’s Museum changed since reopening?

A: A few things have changed since reopening, but we think the changes are good. We now have a contactless entry system that also allows us to control our capacities and close at timed intervals for sanitation. The new system is very easy to use and also allows visitors to purchase tickets and reserve their time slots ahead of time.

Q: What measures are you taking to keep families safe while still having a great time?

A: We currently have several safety measures in place to keep our visitors and staff safe at this time. All guests are required to wear a face mask and socially distance at this time. Some high touch exhibits are closed and others have been modified but we have added new layers of activities and education into the exhibit areas. Families are given a basket when they arrive to place any items they touch inside and the items are then sanitized and cleaned before being placed back out for the next visitors. We also close in between each operating session to go through the museum and clean.

Q: How many people/families do you allow at a time during different sessions?

A: Right now in this phase, we are allowing 25 members and 25 non-members per operating session. This is controlled by our new ticketing system we were able to acquire through an Emergency Relief grant through the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana.

Q: Are all exhibits still available?

A: We have had to close a few exhibits on each floor because they were too tactile and hard to quickly clean but there are still tons of exhibit areas open for guests to enjoy! Some have been slightly modified but offer a great experience for our visitors.

Q: How can people get tickets?

A: People can reserve the tickets by going to our website, www.swlakids.org and clicking on the “Purchase Tickets” or the “Member Reservations” buttons. It is a simple process and if anyone needs help we can walk them through it by phone. It also has a list of our updated policies.

Q: How can people help and show support for the Children’s Museum during this time?

A: The Children’s Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that relies on ticket sales, memberships, birthday parties and other sources to operate. This pandemic has put a great financial strain on especially children's museums and cancelled our busiest time of year with field trips and summer, making the impact all the more severe. We are asking people to please donate to our “Ray of Light” campaign to help carry us through until things improve. We want to be here to offer a sense of normalcy for children and their families during this time and can only do that with the support of the community.

Q: What is your favorite exhibit?

A: I have so many favorite exhibits. Sunny’s Market and Rowdy’s Cowboy Café have always been a favorite of mine. It offers children a way to shop and cook just like they see their parents doing and I love to cook! They are classics. My newest favorite exhibit is Sasol’s Chem Corner because children understand that Mommy and Daddy work at the plant but they really don’t understand what they do there. Chem Corner offers a glimpse into our industries and helps children see what types of things their parents do at work. They can pretend they are real scientists and engineers.