If anything is apparent about the year 2017, is that it is on TURBO mode. Where has the year gone? We’re already planning summer vacations (or enjoying them), and before we know it – the kids will be back in school and we’ll be prepping gumbo pots and Christmas garlands. YIKES!

Every month I have a message of reflection, challenges to refocus your daily intentions and enjoy the day! Right now, I just want to hit the pause button or at least the slow-motion!

May’s photo of the month is a moment in time that I’d also like to freeze for the sake of enjoying over and over again. There is something so peaceful about this image and location. Photographer Ryan Beeson did an amazing job of snapping this image at the right time.

“Capturing a moment on film that reflects exactly what you are feeling and seeing at that time is priceless.  Some photos are planned in advance and some are taken in a fleeting moment of beauty that could disappear in moments.  I also believe the best photographs are the ones that alert the senses as if you can almost feel the atmosphere of the piece.  This photo was an unexpected shot while on a run along Shell Beach Dr.  The sun was setting over the lake and the lighting was absolutely perfect while passing one of the many boat houses.  At the end of a full busy day, this was the moment of peace I stumbled upon and was able to capture.  From the colors of the sky to the way that it reflects on the water, you can almost feel the warm sunshine as it sets on the lake.  There is always something beautiful to see if you look hard enough!”

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