Yesterday I was standing on the shoreline of Lake Charles right where the National Hurricane Museum & Science Center will be located one day among elected officials, community leaders and employees of State Farm and Entergy.  It was surreal because this dream of building a one-of-a-kind education center has been a long one in the making.
Photo by www.monsoursphotography.net 
State Farm and Entergy each gave the National Hurricane Museum & Science Center $500,000 and I feel with these large corporate donations, other companies will step up to give.  We are two more steps closer to the reality of breaking ground on the center!
Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach mentioned how the center will be a national tourist attraction.  And while it will tell the stories of how hurricanes have impacted the people, land and economy, the educational components on hurricane preparedness and recovery will be included, too.
Mayor Randy Roach. Photo by www.monsoursphotography.ne






The sign, held up by two Entergy trucks, said it all.
Photo by www.monsoursphotography.net

 “With these gifts, we begin to show that the project is truly nationwide in scope,” said Gray Stream, the center’s board chairman.

  “The center represents more than just a facility,” and it can help “education, inform and inspire young people,” said Mayor Roach.  “It can make them realize it’s not what happens to you that counts.  It’s what you do in response.”
The center could bring in as many as 220,000 visitors a year and provide the region with a $55 million annual economic impact.
To learn more about the National Hurricane Museum & Science Center, log on to www.nhmsc.com