Spice up your feed with these awesome locations around Lake Charles.

1. Bord du Lac/ Lakefront Promenade
Pretty scenery, palm trees and endless locations to catch the perfect sunset. We love this one with a silhouetted couple.


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2. Calcasieu River Bridge/I-10 Bridge
This historic bridge has been a stunning subject for many ‘grammers.


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3. From the boat
Whether you’re out on freshwater, brackish, or saltwater – the photos always entice a longing for outdoor adventures.  


4. Live Music Events
Rock on! Great place for people watching and fish lens effect.
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5. Wetland Walkway
Celebrate the day and the great outdoors!


6. Gulf Beaches
Experience the “edges of the earth” and a few great shelling spots!


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7. Bayou Rum
Silver, Spiced, Satsuma, Select rums and a selfie! “Backstage” tours show you how it’s made.


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8. Seafood Restaurants
The only TRUE way to prove to your friends you’ve been to Louisiana?  A picture of the seafood platter you ordered!


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9. Casino Resort Pools
“Treat yo’self” and make your friends jealous with a few poolside selfies.


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10. Downtown Murals
Full of bright colors and unique artwork – they make a great background for a playful or artsy photoshoot.


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