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Yeah, so maybe Napa Valley has wine. And...perhaps New York has pizza, and to the top that pizza? Gotta have Wisconsin cheese no less. But, those places don't have what we have, and that's BOUDIN. Say what? It's pronounced "boodan or boodeh," but however you pronounce it, the end result will be - "yummmm," which is probably universal in all languages.

In Louisiana, we tend to take things for granted because they are so ingrained in our culture or everyday life, that it takes someone on the outside to let us know what's so cool about our own cuisine. Boudin is one of those things. So now, we have an all new Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail that ties together all the boudin masters in the area in a way so that visitors can navigate our cities and towns, taste the local boudin and see attractions along the way.

The best part about the trail is that you get to meet the locals and see other Louisiana products such as specialty meats, spices, sauces and coffee - all made locally or somewhere in the Bayou State. And, many of these products are not available on a national scale, so you'll be able to take a little Cajun kick back home with you and impress your friends!

So, oh, yeah, what IS boudin?! LOL! It's our favorite finger food, and it's a staple snack in the southern regions of Louisiana, made of varying amounts of pork meat, liver, rice, onions, parsley and dry seasonings like salt, red pepper, black pepper and garlic powder. Looks similar to sausage to the untrained eye.

Boudin - how to prepare thee? Let me count the ways! You can get crawfish boudin, shrimp boudin, alligator boudin, mild boudin or smoked boudin - just to name a few. Or, fried boudin balls - my favorite - old fashioned goodness.

So, check out the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail or for updates on what's going on in the area, follow us on Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the icons to the right.

We hope to see you in town for a boudin breakfast, lunch or dinner!