There’s nothing better than a big story to share after a vacation. Sometimes sharing those vacation experiences is just as fun as the vacation itself. The relatives of Photo of the Month winner, Britt Richey, brought a fun story home; especially after big guy jumped into action!

Alligator Walking, #VisitLakeCharles Photo of the Month

“For this particular photo, we had some family in town. So, we wanted to take them and show them around and give them a feel for Southwest Louisiana. We loaded up and set out for Pintail Wildlife Drive.  When we arrived and were driving around one of the corners along the drive the alligator was lying there sunning.  We watched him for a bit, and I took a few pictures. Then, he got up and started to scurry down to the water.  They sure got a kick out of that!

I hope (this picture) will encourage more in the area and get out and explore some of the great areas that make this corner of the state such a great place.”

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