Quickly on the heels of the holidays, everyone immediately gears up for Mardi Gras in Lake Charles / Southwest Louisiana. Craving the sweet taste of King Cake with cinnamon, sugar, fillings and the perfect way that King Cake melts in your mouth brings a smile to everyone’s lips!

Traditional King Cakes that you can find in bakeries and grocery stores throughout Louisiana during this time of year are heavenly, to say the least, but I thought it would be fun to highlight the King Cake tributes that these confectionery treats have inspired.

If you love King Cake, chances are, you have a thing for cheese cake too! Sweet Chic in Lake Charles has created the King Cake Cheesecake. It’s the cheesecake you love with the icing and slightly crunchy sugary sprinkles that make it time to Mambo!

Sweet Chic King Cake Cheesecake

So, you need a little coffee to wash down that delicious cheesecake. Look no further than Acadian Coffee Roasters, a local organic coffee company in Lake Charles, who decided to highlight Mardi Gras with their Acadian Coffee Roasters King Cake Blend. Check them out at www.acadiancoffee.com.

Acadian Coffee Roasters - King Cake

If you are a truffle connoisseur, you will fall in love with the King Cake Truffles from Jake’s Cakes in Sulphur. An imaginative and colorful storefront, your sweet tooth will be tantalized by all the delicious treats in store for you at Jake’s Cakes from chocolate dipped strawberries to cupcakes and, yes, King Cake Truffles!

King Cake Truffles 

There is more to THIS story, learn more about other King Cake goodies by checking out our blog from last year. All the featured King Cake creations are still a go for 2016, from Pops & Rockets’ “Alive & King Cake” pops to Sweet Potato King Cake Fries at Botsky’s, or their “Krewe de Patate Douce.” Check it out: http://www.visitlakecharles.org/blog/post/a-new-twist-for-king-cakes/