iiieeeee! Well, Sauce Piquant, do we have Festivals for you to Experience!

Usually, the older we get, the more we realize that everything has a delicate balance. Authentic culture is no exception. It’s something that has to be preserved and appreciated to survive over time. Cajun culture is the epitome fun - mixed in with hard work of living off the land. So, work hard/play hard! Most older Cajuns have lots of laugh lines, twinkling eyes and can’t wait to take a visitor into the fold to treat them like family.

Through it all, everything ties back to the land, Louisiana’s natural resources, and of course, food and music. Louisianans are proud of their French Canadian heritage and have built traditions, recipes, songs and a way of life over hundreds of years that revolve around family, food friends and doing what it takes to make guests smile and dance the night away. You can experience it for yourself at the Cajun French Music & Food Festival or the Marshland Festival this July in Lake Charles, LA. And, you’re sure to hear the Cajun expression of having a good time: “iiieeeeeee!” (Yeah, it just comes out!)

Mark your calendars for the Cajun French Music & Food Festival, July 17-18! The spice of Cajun food will linger in the air around Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles as the sounds of accordions, guitars and intriguing Cajun French lyrics entice your feet to shuffle into a Cajun two-step. Get your fill of gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée and other Cajun specialties that have been spiced to perfection over the years. Dare you to try some cracklin’s? Check www.cfmalakecharles.org for the schedule.

Or, head out to the music showcase known as the Marshland Festival, July 30–31. In addition to hot bands, there will be arts and crafts, a business expo, activities for the kids and more, oh yeah, and food! Southwest Louisiana is known for flavorful fare and hot music, and this festival will give you a taste of both. Check www.marshlandfestival.com for the schedule.

Come by and have a cup of delicious Louisiana coffee with us! To plan, check out the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau, www.visitlakecharles.org or call 800-456-7952.