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Spring Birding Hot Spots (Part 2)

4/12/2016 by William Precht
Posted In:  Outdoors
Being raised in the wetlands of Southwest Louisiana, I’ve grown up knowing some of the best places to find all sorts of birds. My family’s hunting camp deep in the marshes of Cameron Parish, accessible only by boat, has made it easy for me to be familiar with the area and to know where to find different species. However, for someone who is
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Scared of the Dark? Why You Shouldn’t Let the Feu Follet Light the Way.

10/21/2015 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  History
One of great things about living in Louisiana is the folklore! There are several strange and mysterious tales. My favorite story is that of the Cajun Fairies. The legend of the Cajun Fairy --the Fee Folay-- (feu follet in French-translates to “marsh fire”) began here along the bayou many years ago. They are generally thought to be an incarnation of
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Lake Charles Historic Tour App

12/12/2014 by Megan Hartman
Growing up, my father’s photography studio was located in downtown Lake Charles in a historic building from the early 1900s. I spent many summers there helping in the office, answering phone calls and assisting in photo shoots. My brother and I would even play hide and seek when we were kids. Those old homes have lots of hiding spaces! The
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Fun Filled Family Getaway

11/25/2014 by Angie Kay Dilmore
Do you and your family have a free long weekend and you’re wondering what to do? Consider a mini-vacation to southwest Louisiana for the perfect family getaway! Whether you and the kids love history, science, art, or the great outdoors, the lake area has something for everyone. If there’s one thing southwest Louisiana has plenty of, it’s water.
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Lake Charles Film & Music Festival

9/17/2014 by Megan Hartman
www.visitlakecharles.org/filmfest The Lake Charles Film Commission is excited about the upcoming workshops and film screenings that will be taking place at the 3rd annual Lake Charles Film & Music Festival . Patrick Bennett, one of the festival producers, answered a few questions about this year's event being held October 10-12 at
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