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It’s Crawfish Season – Here’s where you can find them in Southwest Louisiana

3/17/2017 by Amanda Reeves
In Louisiana, we joke that we don’t have weather seasons; we have food seasons, and my favorite happens to be CRAWFISH SEASON! Find Crawfish: Southwest Louisiana Crawfish Stops Being a life-long Southwest Louisianan, some of my favorite childhood memories are from family crawfish boils. When the distinct smell of boiled crawfish filled the air,
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The Unique Experience of Southwest Louisiana Food

4/16/2015 by Angie Kay Dilmore
Posted In:  Culinary
My family and I moved to Lake Charles in the summer of 2007. I immediately fell in love with everything about this fascinating state. Because the music, art, language, landscape, and customs were so different to me, every day was a new adventure. This was especially true for Louisiana culinary traditions. I was introduced to foods I’d never heard
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How to Peel a Crawfish

2/19/2013 by Amos Orr
Lake Charles / Southwest Louisiana is known for its amazing cuisine, and no cuisine is held on a higher pedestal to locals than Crawfish (aka- mudbugs or crawdads). Usually boiled in a large pot and liberally seasoned, it's not unusual to see a local go through at least 5 lbs of these delicious critters! So if you are ever in the area and find
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