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King of King Cakes (Taste-Off & Giveaway)

2/2/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
It’s the most popular food during Mardi Gras – king cake . And, it’s because of these delicious brioche-rich, colorfully iced cakes that Mardi Gras truly is the most WONDERFUL time of the year. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy king cake for breakfast, during my coffee break, and for dessert. In fact, I’ll make any excuse to grab a slice. Who’s
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Skillet Apple Cobbler with Pie Crust

6/20/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Culinary
I don’t know about your but when summer hits, my need for fruit ANYTHING becomes strong! Number one on my list is fruit pie. The only thing standing in the way to a delicious pie - is my fear of homemade pie crust. There are too many rules and tricks to make it work properly. Butter or shortening? The pastry cutter. The time. Ugh. via GIPHY Boy
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9 Dangerously DELICIOUS Festival Desserts

4/26/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Forget swimsuit season – its Spring festival season in Southwest Louisiana and I’ve got a sweet tooth, y’all! Funnel Cake A 100% MUST at any fair or festival. It’s more than just fried dough, y’all. It’s a part of festival living. Part of the fun is trying not to get the sugar all over your face. Little Hint: You’ll have sugar all over your face.
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