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Mantripping: Things for Guys to Do Around Lake Charles

9/10/2017 by Angie Kay Dilmore
Southwest Louisiana is the perfect destination for guys to get away for some much-deserved rest, recreation, and fun! Do you love the great outdoors? Southwest Louisiana is a Sportsman’s Paradise! Below are only a few activities you’ll find waiting for you in this corner of the Bayou State. Golf Southwest Louisiana is home to several public golf
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How to Clean Your Catch

3/22/2017 by William Precht
Posted In:  Culinary, Outdoors
Spring is a time when flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the fish are biting! Here in Southwest Louisiana, we without-a-doubt have some of the best fishing around. Lake Charles’ proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the rich marshlands along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road provide thrilling opportunities for both fresh and
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Catch and Cook

12/8/2016 by William Precht
Posted In:  Culinary, Outdoors
Have you ever experienced the thrill of being out on the water, rod and reel in hand, when you suddenly feel a strike from a redfish or speckled trout as it hits the end of your line? If not, you certainly should. How could it get any better you ask? Try dining on your catch that same day. Looking back now, being raised on the banks of Big Lake
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My Springtime Adventure in Southwest Louisiana

4/14/2015 by Nate Skinner
Posted In:  Gaming, Outdoors
A hint of salt rode on the gentle breeze as the wings of terns, cormorants, herrings, and egrets whistled in the southern wind. The air temperature was perfect, a cool, yet comfortable seventy-two degrees as the sun met the horizon, setting on a dream day in the life of an outdoor writer. From the balcony of our room at the Golden Nugget in Lake
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Making Memories on Big Lake

4/8/2015 by Russell Graves
Posted In:  Outdoors
By my best guess in talking to the locals, the 45-degree weather is a bit chilly for late March. A cold front blew through and shifted the wind from the familiar southerly direction to the north. It isn’t a hard wind (at least by Texas Panhandle standards) but is steady nonetheless. From my hotel, the drive is short and twenty minutes is all it
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Gotta Go Fishing

6/4/2014 by Megan Hartman
Capt. Sammie Faulk with Gotta Go Charters It was 30 years ago when Sammie Faulk decided to leave his day job and become a fishing guide. He never looked back! Capt. Sammie Faulk’s Gotta Go Charters started out on Lake Calcasieu (locally known as Big Lake) when there were only a handful of guides at the time. Since then, the area has really
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Golfing in Southwest Louisiana

5/7/2014 by Glen Turk
By Glen Turk Golfing, Gambling, Fishing, and Dining Combine to Create a Memorable Trip www.monsoursphotography.net The sum of any great golf trip is a collection of its parts. Even the most avid golfer will tell you it's the adventures enjoyed in between the fairways hit and birdies made that truly define a distinctive golf vacation.
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Louisiana on the TODAY Show

3/27/2014 by Megan Hartman
A s a part of OUTSIDE magazine’s 2014 Travel Awards, Southwest Louisiana was featured today on NBC’s TODAY Show for being one of the best foodie destinations. The TODAY Show interviewed OUTSIDE’s Executive Editor Michael Roberts as he discussed five destinations from their recent Travel Awards. Steamboat Bill's by www.lindseyjanies.com
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