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Eating Healthy and Staying Fit in Lake Charles

1/16/2018 by Elizabeth Eustis
When many people think of Louisiana, they think of fried seafood, beignets, sugary, sweet frozen drinks and a dozen other Southern culinary delights that redefine the word “decadent.” Louisiana is also the land of continuous celebrations. So, when you have the choice between going to the gym or going to a Mardi Gras parade and/or crawfish boil –
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Fitness in Lake Charles: 10 ways to stay active and healthy

11/20/2016 by Kayla Semien
With all the fun planned for your vacation (by fun I mean FOOD) it’s good to remember to include some down times to exercise. And with the holidays around the corner, this could be a good habit to start now. Now, keep in mind that everyone is different when it comes to exercise. Some like to lift weights in the gym and others like to jog or dance
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