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Madame Grand Doigts – Cajun Folklore

10/23/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  History
Louisiana has got its share of ghost stories. You might have heard of the Rougarou , the haunting lights of feu follets , and even local spirits like Toni Jo Henry or Elise . But have you heard of Madame Grand Doigts? Of all the tales – this one gives me the biggest creeps! Madame Grand Doigts (“Doigts” means fingers in French) is described as a lady
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Halloween Things to Do in Lake Charles

9/29/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Festivals & Events
From haunted trails to candy crawls, we are highlighting Halloween things to do in Southwest Louisiana. The area has something for everyone, from the smallest trick-or-treaters to the biggest party monsters. Make plans now to celebrate the spookiest of holidays and tell us in the comments what you’re looking forward to the most! *Click Links for
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"Frightseeing" in Lake Charles

10/26/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Festivals & Events, History
Ghosts! Yup, you heard me, ghosts. And some say that we’ve got ‘em here in Southwest Louisiana. Experts in the paranormal say that there is a huge source of supernatural energy in our corner of the state. We like to call it Eerie Calcasieu. The most fascinating and lurid of the ghostly tales is that of the unnerving contacts with convicted
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Eerie Calcasieu: Rougarou Gonna Get You!

10/14/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  History
When it comes to spooky Southwest Louisiana tales, this has to be most hair-raising story of them all. The legend of the Rougarou! This ‘thing’ is something you do not want to find yourself face to face with down in the marsh. Deep in the Southwest Louisiana Marshes The rougarou (pronounced ROO-ga-roo) has long been a part of Cajun folklore.
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Scared of the Dark? Why You Shouldn’t Let the Feu Follet Light the Way.

10/21/2015 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  History
One of great things about living in Louisiana is the folklore! There are several strange and mysterious tales. My favorite story is that of the Cajun Fairies. The legend of the Cajun Fairy --the Fee Folay-- (feu follet in French-translates to “marsh fire”) began here along the bayou many years ago. They are generally thought to be an incarnation of
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Spirit of Halloween

10/5/2012 by VisitLakeCharles
Every October in Southwest Louisiana, attractions and events get into the ‘Spirit’ of Halloween! This year is no different, and there is even an additional attraction that is sure to please Lake Charles now plays host to two premier haunted attractions, the USS Orleck and The Lost Hollows. This year the USS Orleck Naval Museum which
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