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Spring Birding Hot Spots (Part 2)

4/12/2016 by William Precht
Posted In:  Outdoors
Being raised in the wetlands of Southwest Louisiana, I’ve grown up knowing some of the best places to find all sorts of birds. My family’s hunting camp deep in the marshes of Cameron Parish, accessible only by boat, has made it easy for me to be familiar with the area and to know where to find different species. However, for someone who is
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#EatSwla: Red Beans & Rice with Ham Shanks

11/9/2015 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Culinary
Throughout Louisiana, Red Beans and Rice is a treasured Monday tradition, where the aroma of red beans can be smelled drifting through the neighborhoods. Every family has their own secret list of ingredients and method for cooking the beans. Our friends at Flip My Food shared their recipe when they visited Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point a few
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Run Chicken Run!

2/6/2015 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Festivals & Events
I can smell the barbecue pork that’s already smoking on the pit as we meet at the KC Hall, 503 E. Highway 90, in the town of Iowa, Louisiana, around 9 a.m. to pay our money to ride in the parade. Smoked meats like sausage and tasso are popular in Cajun Country. Everyone is milling around in their Courir de Mardi
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Louisiana Shrimp Stew

1/12/2015 by Megan Hartman
Boiled shrimp by www.monsoursphotography.net My three-year-old son, Banks, is a pretty picky eater! His favorite foods all involve loads of sugar, but there is hope for him yet! Banks loves shrimp. He eats fried shrimp, boiled shrimp (if I peel it for him), shrimp gumbo, but his favorite is shrimp stew. So for this cold night, I’m making
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Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana

12/1/2014 by Megan Hartman
Posted In:  Outdoors
Southwest Louisiana Marsh by www.monsoursphotography.net To me, there’s nothing more peaceful and beautiful than watching the Southwest Louisiana sun rise in a duck blind with a cup of hot coffee sitting next to me dad. My dad, who is also a photographer, always told me that Southwest Louisiana has the most gorgeous sunrises than anywhere
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My Cajun Christmas

11/17/2014 by Elizabeth Eustis
By Elizabeth Eustis Southwest Louisiana has planned so many parades, concerts, fireworks, and food events for Christmas this year, it is definitely the place to be to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. With this abundance of holiday cheer, choosing an event is going to be hard! Attending as many holiday happenings as I can, might
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Local Distillery Makes Bayou Rum

9/12/2014 by Angie Kay Dilmore
By Angie Kay Dilmore I don't know why, but sometimes there are things that I really want to do, but it takes me way too long to get around to doing them. One example is the relatively new rum distillery down the road (I-10) from Lake Charles . Louisiana Spirits opened over a year ago. Touring the facility has been on my to-do list since then. My
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Summer Menus

6/26/2014 by Megan Hartman
In Louisiana, meals are meant to share. We enjoy the dining experience from the shaken specialty cocktails, to the fresh vegetable sides, and most importantly, the company that gathers at the dinner table. Memories are made at the dinner table. The Cable Car from Ember As we adapt our meals at home to the seasonal vegetables and warmer
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