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Mardi Gras Memories

2/14/2018 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Festivals & Events
Another fantastic Mardi Gras season has come and gone. Now we can sit back, relax and revel in the quietness of Wednesday. But not before we do a little reminiscing! Thanks for sharing your fun with us this year! And we'll see you for Mardi Gras 2019 - March 5 . These photos were shared by using hashtags #VisitLakeCharles and #SWLAMardiGras
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How to Make a King Cake

1/8/2018 by Elizabeth Eustis
No other bakery treat can beat King Cake during the Mardi Gras season. Take a stab at making your own with this recipe from the Junior League of Lake Charles cookbook, "Marshes to Mansions." Download the recipe card, here . We want to see your creations! After baking, dress your cake up with Mardi Gras beads and flair, snap a picture and tag us
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Worth The Trip: Mardi Gras Museum

11/23/2017 by Jessica Pickett
Posted In:  Festivals & Events, History
Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Louisiana to participate in the extravagance known as Mardi Gras . Blaring Zydeco, flying beads, and outrageous outfits are just a few images brought to mind. But, few know of the rich customs and colorful traditions that make up Carnival Season beyond the parades. Luckily, Lake Charles boasts Louisiana's
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Must See Lake Charles Museums

4/17/2017 by Allison Schexnayder
Posted In:  History
My fiancée and I both love history and learning about the local culture, so we made it our mission to see some of the local museums . The first place we experienced was the Brimstone Museum Complex . Which held things like: timelines showing the progression of the town of Sulphur, a statue of “The Mottagator” which was created to honor the memory
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Courir de Mardi Gras: Iowa Chicken Run

2/13/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Festivals & Events
Unique. Rural. Authentic. Whatever you’d like to call it, the Iowa Chicken Run is one of the BEST Mardi Gras celebrations you could participate in! Things kick off early – 8 a.m. early – with the smell of barbecue and gumbo spices in the air. Of course, the wash board and accordion music plays, and a few people have already started to dance.
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King of King Cakes (Taste-Off & Giveaway)

2/2/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
It’s the most popular food during Mardi Gras – king cake . And, it’s because of these delicious brioche-rich, colorfully iced cakes that Mardi Gras truly is the most WONDERFUL time of the year. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy king cake for breakfast, during my coffee break, and for dessert. In fact, I’ll make any excuse to grab a slice. Who’s
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