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Tourist in My Backyard: Lake Charles Food

8/31/2017 by Jessica Pickett
Posted In:  Culinary
Sometimes the best days are the ones spent closest to home. And since I call Southwest Louisiana home, I’m surrounded by exotic flavors, hauntingly beautiful bayous, and colorful festivals. In order to appreciate all home has to offer, I regularly act as a tourist in my own backyard. Steeped in rich French heritage, doused in Caribbean spices, and
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Seafood Palace- Over Wow

3/13/2014 by Amos Orr
I f you're a local, more than likely you appreciate Seafood Palace . If you're not from Southwest Louisiana, the outside might not look like much, but we all know it's what's on the inside that counts. What will you find on the inside? Good people, sizable portions and, of course, great food! If you're looking for some great Cajun cuisine in a
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