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Spices and Seasonings in Lake Charles

10/19/2017 by Lindsay Mattingly
Posted In:  Culinary
If you ask ten Cajuns their favorite type of seasoning blend to use in their cooking, chances are you’ll get ten different answers back! Louisiana has as many varieties of seasoning blends as we do festivals – well, maybe not that many – but it’s still a lot! We recently polled some of our visitors on the Visit Lake Charles Facebook page to see
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Lake Charles Fresh: Where to Find Farmers Markets

7/26/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
Growing up in a rural part of Central Louisiana, I was spoiled with a full garden – almost year around. Tomatoes, sweet corn, purple hull peas, ford hook lima beans, squash, blueberries and sometimes watermelon. If we weren’t growing it, we were swapping veggies with our neighbors. Mom and Dad also spent a lot of time canning, pickling, blanching,
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Where to buy Local Products in Southwest Louisiana

7/23/2017 by Amanda Reeves
Two facts that you will learn in this blog post; Southwest Louisiana is home to some uber creative and talented individuals, and that I have a passion for shopping more than most humans (if you’ve spent any amount of time with me you’re aware of the second fact). Over the years, my shopping style has progressed and I am more aware of the importance
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