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Tailgating in Southwest Louisiana

8/28/2018 by Colten Miller
Fall is coming for us, which means two things: relief from the summer heat (hopefully) and football! Whether your cheering for Local State University or Hometown Tech, personally we prefer our McNeese Cowboys , tailgating and other gatherings are sure to ensue no matter where you are. So why not spice them up with some cajun and creole dishes? Being
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Weather in Southwest Louisiana

1/26/2016 by Colten Miller
Posted In:  Outdoors
In Southwest Louisiana, you never know what to expect when it comes to weather! You could be wearing sweaters and gloves in the morning and then be in your t-shirt and shorts just a few hours later. On average, the temperature in Lake Charles in the winter months ranges from the mid-40s to mid-60s and mid-70s to high 80s in the summer months. Rain
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Shake Your Groove Thing! Live Music in Southwest Louisiana!

5/6/2015 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Arts, Festivals & Events
Duke Ellington said, “If it sounds good, it IS good.” It is definitely ALL GOOD throughout Southwest Louisiana where live music and warmer weather are calling all of us to get out of the house and shake a leg! As the sun goes down, things really heat up in Downtown Lake Charles! One of my favorite Friday night dates is the Downtown at Sundown
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Mardi Gras Galore!

2/2/2015 by Glenn Kaufmann
Photo by www.monsoursphotography.net From elaborate headpieces, to flowing gowns, crowns, and scepters, Mardi Gras krewes outfit their royal courts in the best and brightest royal regalia. And, if the Royal Gala is any indication, nobody takes Mardi Gras costumes more seriously than the people of Lake Charles, in southwestern Louisiana,
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Rediscovering Home

1/29/2015 by Brice Perrin
Posted In:  Outdoors
A few days ago I decided to set out on an adventure to re-discover my home turf. I struggled with where to start. Being a photographer, I decided to start in the country and work my way in. Just a heads up...there's so much to see and do, that there's NO WAY to get it all in one post. By Brice Perrin Southwest Louisiana has some of the
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Louisiana Shrimp Stew

1/12/2015 by Megan Hartman
Boiled shrimp by www.monsoursphotography.net My three-year-old son, Banks, is a pretty picky eater! His favorite foods all involve loads of sugar, but there is hope for him yet! Banks loves shrimp. He eats fried shrimp, boiled shrimp (if I peel it for him), shrimp gumbo, but his favorite is shrimp stew. So for this cold night, I’m making
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My Cajun Christmas

11/17/2014 by Elizabeth Eustis
By Elizabeth Eustis Southwest Louisiana has planned so many parades, concerts, fireworks, and food events for Christmas this year, it is definitely the place to be to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. With this abundance of holiday cheer, choosing an event is going to be hard! Attending as many holiday happenings as I can, might
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