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Weekend in Lake Charles: Photostory

10/6/2017 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Outdoors, Culinary, History
Photos by Michael Hobson When you visit Southwest Louisiana, you might be wondering where to start. What should I do? Where to eat? Travel writer and foodie, Michael Hobson visited the Lake Charles area and put together an inspiring collection of photos of his trip. Here are his favorite highlights of his 48-hours in Lake Charles. Day One: 1.
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8 Ways to Get Around Lake Charles

7/27/2017 by Angie Kay Dilmore
Posted In:  Outdoors
While you’re visiting Southwest Louisiana, you’ll want to experience as many sights and sounds as possible. To maximize your enjoyment, take advantage of the many different ways to travel throughout the region. Each mode of transportation offers a uniquely different perspective. 1. Personal Vehicle – The most common way to experience Southwest
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Why You Should Take a Velvet Pig Cooking Class

9/30/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Culinary
I love to cook. Well…I LOVE to eat and while eating out in Lake Charles is totally worth it – a true Southern belle should know her way around the kitchen. Right? Right! Over the last 10 years, my love for cooking has rubbed off on my husband (He’s a pretty good sous chef, by the way!). While looking for new date night ideas , we came across The
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Road Trip To-Do List: Austin, TX to Lake Charles, LA

6/26/2016 by Kayla Semien
The journey from Austin, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana is about a five-hour drive, and if you’re like me, you’ll need some things to help break up the drive. I’ve come up with a little Road trip To-Do list that’ll make your trip a little more exciting for the entire family! Mobile Prep First things first, download the CVB’s Lake Charles Events
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What’s Your Travel Tribe? 3 Ways to Vacay in Lake Charles (Tribe 1)

3/29/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Outdoors
All vacationers are NOT the same. And while you are thinking “DUH” – how do you plan your vacation if you aren’t 100% sure on what kind of vacationer YOU ARE!? I’ve got 3 travel types (or tribes if you will) that might help you decide your perfect fit for a Lake Charles trip. TRIBE 1 The Nature Lover Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point Start your
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Top 10 #VisitLakeCharles Pins

3/22/2016 by Elizabeth Eustis
Being the official travel inspiration for Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana is so much fun! There are tons of things to experience in the area! From Cajun culture , music and festivals to outdoor adventures and luxurious casino resorts . Here are our Top 10 Pins that we hope will inspire you to #VisitLakeCharles ! Follow Visit Lake Charles's board Top
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Top 5 Visitor Questions ANSWERED!

8/3/2015 by Elizabeth Eustis
Posted In:  Culinary, Outdoors
With all of the people who visit the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau you’ll be surprised that there are 5 questions that curious visitors always ask. Well I am here to give you the “skinny.” Make sure you take notes! #5- Where can I go Crabbing? Everyone knows that what blue crabs lack in good looks and
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