Chuck Fest 2021 🎶🍺🎨

700 Block of Ryan Street, Downtown Lake Charles

  • Presented By: Chuck Fest
  • Dates: October 16, 2021
  • Location: 700 Block of Ryan Street, Downtown Lake Charles
  • Admission: Free

Updated 03.29.21

The Chuck Fest Foundation Board of Directors has announced the 7th annual Chuck Fest, which will be held on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 in Downtown Lake Charles.

What initially began as an idea to celebrate Luna Bar and Grill’s 10th birthday in 2014, Chef Dave Evans founded Chuck Fest, now one of Lake Charles’ largest annual free festivals. Held every third Saturday in October, Chuck Fest is a culmination of Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana’s music, arts, culinary scene, and culture.

“Bringing back Chuck Fest after a year hiatus is exactly what Southwest Louisiana needs after the many setbacks we’ve had over the past year,” said Chef Dave Evans, founder of Chuck Fest. “Locals and tourists alike are ready to celebrate Lake Charles’ music, culture, food, and art safely again.”

In its sixth year, the 2019 festival boasted six stages, including 52 acts and of which over 30 were from Southwest Louisiana. 

Nearly 100 artists, chefs, artisans, and food trucks line Ryan and Broad Streets each year. Only Louisiana craft beer is sold to visitors, a part of the festival that organizers plan to never change, keeping true their commitment to celebrating what the region has to offer. 

More information on Chuck Fest 2021 will be announced soon via social media and For vendor information, please stay tuned to the Chuck Fest Facebook page for a vendor announcement: For partnership opportunities, visit For volunteer information, email Sally Brockman at 

About the Chuck Fest Foundation

The Chuck Fest Foundation goal is to enrich the community through providing instruction facilities and public, experienced speakers to lead development and training; providing local artists the business tools they need to understand the business of visual, musical, and other arts; providing students and those who struggle with unemployment the opportunity to grow in and/or learn the service industry; and providing artists, students, and others the opportunity to apply their skills.

Chuck Fest Map

Chuck Fest FAQ's:

  • Is the event family-friendly? Yes, but must be 21+ to purchase alcohol.

  • Are pets allowed? No, for the comfort and safety of everyone attending.

  • Can I bring my own alcohol/ice chest? No, this is a fundraising event, and free to enter, so all sales benefit local business and the non-profit.

  • Is it free? Yes, to enter the festival. Food & beverages are available for purchase.

  • Where should I park? There are so many options: 1) southeast corner of Ryan and Broad, 2) northeast corner of Division and Bilbo, 3) southeast corner of Bilbo and Broad, 4) parking on Bilbo between Broad and Division

Communities are valued based on the quality of life. We are committed to improving the quality of life in Lake Charles and plan to build Chuck Fest into a music festival that will rival Festivals Acadiens et Creoles and Festival International de Louisiane. The 6th marks a first for Chuck Fest history as a few national touring acts will be in attendance. Keep up to date on future details by visiting