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Special Alert

Docta Z presents EDM SHOW

#LCEDM has altered the nightlife landscape forever and its time to conquer and convert another venue in the name of BASS. There's plenty of DJs here in town and even more people eager to hear em do their shit, so here we go!!

I hand picked several DJs who I personally believe deserve more exposure in this town and the spirit of the event will revolve not only around that but also the revelry within bass and discovery of new artists, producers, friends.


-LORD FARQUHAR 9PM-10PM, starting off our journey with ear candy of the celestial kind. Probably, anyway.

-GRANER 10PM -11PM, digs deeper than a piledriver, certified freshness from deep within the many layers of Soundcloud, audiophile's delight.

-KYCER 11PM-12AM, he made the gd flyer on his phone! Not impressed? Check out his set; house for the uninitiated, trap for the turnt.

-GRIME HUSTLA, 12AM-1AM, OG status badboy graciously providing lights and sound for the stage. Oh. He also DJs! Most seasoned homie on the roster. Nearly 20 years in.

-BASSTRIBE, 1AM - 2AM, So. This word, basstribe. Just popped in my head one day. Thought it was so good that it needed to be more than just a word. And it is.

Hoodies. Bandanas. MURKY/FUTURE/HEAVEN. 

GRANER x DOCTA Z. We are audio terrorists.

$5 21+, $7 18+

Docta Z presents EDM SHOW
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