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Grand Chenier Rentals


Grand Chenier Rental Properties are situated in the heart of the Louisiana Marshes where some of the best fishing hot spots and duck hunting leases exist. Our cabin and camper/ trailer sites are the ideal accommodations for the many sportsmen and work crews visiting Grand Chenier and other coastal destinations in South Louisiana such as Joesph Harbor, Rollover Bayou, Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, and Cameron Birdwatching. Whether you want to rent housing, a camper/ trailer site, or vacant property for staging work equipment and activities, we are sure that we can meet your needs. For more info, please visit www.grandchenierrentals.com.

224 Indian Point Rd.
Grand Chenier, LA 70643

29° 45' 56.4588" N, 92° 55' 14.7684" W