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Riverside Park


North on Miller Avenue in Westlake lies the quiet getaway of Riverside Park. With a scenic view of the historic Calcasieu River Bridge, Riverside offers a great place to go fishing with the family. Also, with its location right on the Calcasieu River, the park offers a great launching point to access Lake Charles. Currently, plans are being made to restore the damage to the park's pavilion and other facilities that had occurred during Hurricane Ike. Although the park was damaged, the fishing pier and boat launch are fully functional.

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1700 Miller Avenue, Westlake, LA

Riverside Park is open from 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM daily.

Park Amenities

Boat Launch: Riverside Park has a public boat launch into the Calcasieu River.
Point of Interest: Lake Charles is accessible from Riverside Park. Once you have launched, make your way south down the Calcasieu River into the lake.

For questions regarding parish parks or the availability of a pavilion, please call (337) 721-3540, or email them at sdavid@cppj.net or lcarter@cppj.net.

No commercial or fund raising activities are allowed at these buildings.