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The Quad


Inside The Quad, your imagination doesn’t stand a chance of idling! Your younger ones will find an imaginary town set inside a town square of half walls we call Q-Ville that is designed for the safety and enjoyment of kids 8 and under with grocery shopping, kitchens, baby nurseries, huge Lego blocks for building, train sets, and so much more.

Across from Q-Ville is The Tween and Teen Scene; it’s a game room . . . the kind of game room that promotes interaction and is more about tuning in to the people around you rather than tuning them out. You won’t see rows of arcade games; that’s intentional. Technology is certainly sprinkled in here, but the FOCUS is on good ‘ole eyeball to eyeball games like we played when we were young; games you play in pairs or groups that encourage connecting with others around you. Kids can challenge a friend to a game of ping pong or fuse ball or air hockey or . . . maybe a BIG SCREEN Wii dance off is the game of choice! There is enough variety to keep their interests. Plus, without warning, one of our amazing Quad Squad teens will initiate a creative activity or game for those interested in a change of pace. The focus and the games are on connecting kids, engaging kids and promoting more active play.