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Thinking Plyers


Born from the swampy waters of the Calcasieu River in the mid 90s, Thinking Plyers have since taken their unique brand of "Progressive Soul Music" - a blend of smooth R&B, love-soaked lyrics and vintage guitar rock to the national stage with their latest release, Gnostic Love Songs

"Thinking Plyers has brought a new level of originality and sophistication to the rock genre."
Escanaba, MI

"The experience of a Plyers' live show is incomparable to any other music act on the road today."
Shannon Lynn McCombs
Baton Rouge, LA

"Jam Rock at it's best!"
Nashville, TN

"Thinking Plyers have developed the distinctly Deadhead attitude that it's cool to be serious about music and have fun with it at the same time. The result is music that's enjoyable to listen to but doesn't insult your intelligence. These people understand what music is all about."
Lake Charles, LA

"Few bands today maintain the musical influence of what rock should be, but Thinking Plyers is one of those bands. They deliver an amazing musical journey every time they perform. They are sure to please the creative mind inside us all."
LSU Tiger Weekly
Baton Rouge, LA

"Featuring some amazingly accomplished musicians, this outfit is dedicated to the extended jam and the road."
The Rage
Nashville, TN

"One of the most entertaining, cutting-edge improv acts on the underground scene."
Rock & Read Magazine
Nashville, TN