Louisiana's Playground

To visit Lake Charles is to know Louisiana in all its variety infused into something irresistible. Fresh. A little spicy. And oh, so satisfying.

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Lose yourself on a relaxing riverside beach or enjoy the excitement of a gaming floor.

Golden Nugget Lake Charles

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Find peace in the great outdoors of SWLA as you watch beautiful sunsets over expansive landscapes.



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Lake Charles

“A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll.” While certainly not in the genre of Zydeco, this well-known song title just may be the definitive summary of Lake Charles, Louisiana. A blend of contrasts that magically works together in total harmony. A Cajun personality with a Texas flair. A love for big-city entertainment and a relished joy of nature. Bold and outspoken, yet equally laid-back and homey. Stylish and carefree — a little black dress paired with flip-flops.

Cajun Music and Food Festival Jul 16

Cajun Music and Food Festival

We will have live music-Ellis Vanicor & the Lacassine Playboys, Aaron Istre & Under The Influence, Donny Broussard…

Flea Fest Nov 12

Flea Fest

Flea Fest is a truly unique market and festival that features acres of anything and everything! A bargain hunter’s dream, the…


Best Parks in the Lake Charles Area

  • 4 minute read

Colorful flowers, meandering pathways, and a canopy of trees overhead, it is refreshing to spend time in the great outdoors! You…


As the air turns cooler, things definitely get a lot warmer in the kitchens of Lake Charles. Or a lot spicier, that is. Cooked in big cast iron pots and stirred with…

  • 7 minute read

The Brunch Tour Brunch! It’s that magical time of day when day drinking is socially acceptable, and you can carb-load in the name of classy living. Over the past several years, the brunch scene has ramped up in the Lake Area, and the city is teeming with brunch options - with each…

Creole Nature Trail

Explore world-famous wildlife habitats & estuaries on your journey through the wild & rugged terrain of the Creole Nature Trail in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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