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Along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, everyone knows that what blue crabs lack in good looks and temperament, they make up for in taste. Nothing can compare to fresh Louisiana blue crab! They’re easy to catch, and the whole family can join in the fun.

Kids Crabbing

How to Catch a Blue Crab

Supplies Needed:

  • Thick string
  • Crab bait- turkey or chicken necks, cut fish, or meat chunks are the best 
  • Dip net
  • Pail or ice chest

Tie your bait to the end of the string, toss it in the water and wait for a slight pull. Slowly pull the line in and have your net at the ready to scoop up your crab before he gets wise and let’s go! Deposit your freshly caught crab in the ice chest and repeat.

Where to Crab

  • Northline Recreation Area- GPS coordinates (N 29.920914  W 93.381439)
  • Hog Island Gully Recreation Area- GPS coordinates (N 29.909471  W 93.383511)
  • Blue Crab Recreation Area (formerly 1A/1B) - GPS coordinates (N  29.878922  W 93.425564)
  • West Cove Recreation Area- GPS coordinates (N  29.878922  W 93.425564)



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Photo Credit: www.lindseyjanies.com