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Hurricane Delta made landfall on Oct. 9 in Southwest Louisiana, which was also recently impacted by Hurricane Laura on August 27. There is devastation to many properties, businesses, and homes. Click the link for information on the destination for businesses and restaurants that are open and events that have been confirmed. See What's Open!



Welcome to Lake Charles

Southwest Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana right there in the heel of the boot. When you get to town just slip on your dancin’ shoes, and sway to the music. Everybody’s dancing, then go out to a show. Try your luck in the evening with the sun sinking low. Go out to dinner for some crabs and étouffée. Taste the boudin, and that bowl of hot gumbo. Make a toast to good times and new friends along the way. Catch all your treasures at the Mardi Gras parade, as the floats roll by, you can let your worries fade.

From the Calcasieu down to the Gulf of Mexico, you can smell the sweet magnolias. You can feel the warm breezes blow as the Spanish moss is moving slow. Go out to the water take a walk along the beach, and see the birds take flight with the sunlight on their wings.

Come to our Southwest Louisiana home.

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