National Travel & Tourism Week 2020

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May 3-9, 2020

National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) 2020 is here, and while many of the destinations around the country are not open to regular capacity, the Spirit of Travel is strong. Destinations are comprised of entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, chefs, hard workers, and visionaries, and the hospitality community will thrive once again.

This year, the staff at VisitLakeCharles is sharing what the Spirit of Travel means to them. Check out the videos below! We are inviting everyone to participate too. Simply post a video or a description of what the Spirit of Travel means to you, and use these hashtags: #SpiritOfTravel #LouisianasPlayground

Zoom BackgroundsYou can also use the Zoom backgrounds below to support #VisitLakeCharles to show you support for the travel industry!
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Other ways to celebrate the hospitality industry:

Also, be sure to follow along on Twitter @USTravel on May 5 for a #VirtualRoadTrip around the country. Tune in at 2 p.m. to see features from Louisiana.

What is the Spirit of Travel?

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State Tourism Facts & Figures

(Provided by the Louisiana Office of Tourism)


How does Tourism Impact You?

Facts & Figures

National Travel & Tourism Week celebrates the importance of tourism as an industry throughout the United States. Learn more at



Southwest Louisiana is brimming with artistic talent. Through the SWLA HeARTbeat Tour, you can learn about local artists, the artwork they produce and where to find or purchase their creations.

Celebrate & Listen to Local Musicians 🎵