Forming a Krewe

What is a krewe, anyway? A krewe is a group of people who get together to party during Mardi Gras, and faithfully uphold the party spirit throughout the year.

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Guideline for By-Laws in Forming Mardi Gras Krewe

This is an example of what a traditional Mardi Gras Krewe would use in forming a Krewe. All Krewes rules vary along with the duties of their Board of Directors and Members.

Name of Krewe
  • Amount of members (usually the maximum amount is listed)
  • List if it’s a Krewe for singles, couples, children, etc.
  • List areas Krewe members represent. (Just Lake Charles or Calcasieu Parish or from anywhere in Louisiana
Board of Directors
  • List the amount of board members to serve as the guiding force for the Krewe.
  • List whether any of the Board members are elected by the Krewe to serve as members at large for a certain length of time (a year or two)
  • Tell what happens when a Board member retires – does the Board elect a new member or does the Krewe?
  • Tell when Board meetings are (may be at a certain time or called at anytime but must have majority present to vote on any new business)
  • Voting – majority rules, however, in case of a tie, the president or captain (or whoever you choose) has an extra vote.
  • Decide if the President of the Board is one of the Board members or if he comes from the Krewe members and does he vote? How is he elected? How long does he hold office?
Krewe Officers
  • How are they elected (our board elects ours) and does officers come from the Board or Krewe (ours is either)?
  • Costume committee
  • Parade committee
  • Social committee
  • Decorating committee, etc., etc., etc.
  • (List amount) Subject to change by the board, based on projected budget.
  • Board members (list amount) (ours are slightly higher than Krewe)
  • Krewe members: list amount
  • Date dues are due every year
  • Reasons for disqualification of a person.
  • Tell what dues include and don’t include (example: throws for parade, costumes, drinks, favors, etc.)
  • Tell how many people, if any, a member can invite to the Ball.
  • How many the King and Queen can invite (usually more than members)
  • Captain
  • Board of Directors
  • Dukes and Duchesses
  • M.C.
  • Out going King and Queen
King and Queen
  • How are they selected?
  • Is it kept secret or when is it announced?
  • How are the King and Queens costumes paid? What are the King and Queen financially responsible?
Dukes and Duchesses
  • List amount of Dukes and Duchesses.
  • How are they picked?
  • Do they buy their own costumes?
Debutantes (If you have them)
  • List age, dress, etc.
  • List all particulars

Other Things to Know

  • All Krewes need to register with the Secretary of State of Louisiana. Contact Information for Louisiana Secretary of State Executive:

Secretary of State
8585 Archives Ave.

  • Register online at following URL:
  • There are two Mardi Gras organizations in Lake Charles that you may want to associate with:
  1. Krewe of Krewes, Inc
    • The original Mardi Gras Association that has representatives of all Krewes as members.
      • Example: The Captain or President as representatives.
      • Meetings are held as needed throughout the year.
      • Membership dues: $0.75 per member or $50.00 per Krewe, whichever amount is greater is paid by each Krewe in the early summer to:
      • Krewe of Krewes, Inc. 801 W. Bayou Pines Dr. Lake Charles, La 70601
  2. Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana
    • The umbrella association that conducts and organizes the public celebration.
      • The Krewes of Krewe of Krewes, Inc. participate in the 12th night, Gala and the Krewe of Krewes Parade under the direction of Mardi Gras of SWLA.
      • The Mardi Gras SWLA Board is composed of volunteers that offer their services. Each Krewe is welcome to have a Board member represented on the Board which has elections on the 2nd Tuesday of May each year.
      • Mardi Gras SWLA has opened meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September through May with all interested participants invited.


For further information contact:

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