Mardi Gras Krewe History

What is a Mardi Gras Krewe?

A krewe is any group or organization of friends who would like to band together to host a Mardi Gras ball, ride on a Mardi Gras parade float, and participate in social events throughout the year. In Southwest Louisiana, there are more than 60 krewes, a number that continues to grow each season. Each krewe is a part of a larger organization called Krewe of Krewes that formed in 1979 when the area's krewes joined together to create a parade for the community's enjoyment. Now the culmination of Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras festivities, The Main Event formerly known as the Krewe of Krewes Parade was first held in 1980.

How to Join a Krewe:

Joining a krewe usually means that you have been invited to join, or you are friends with someone in the krewe, and you ask if you are able to join the Krewe. Depending on the krewe, there could be a waiting list to join, but if you are able to become a member through an existing krewe member's recommendation, there are typically dues that must be paid. Also, you would receive a copy of the bylaws and any agreements that the krewe has for members to remain in good standing.

How Krewes Contribute to the Community:

Each krewe has its own activities and community contributions or service projects so that the krewe's membership stays active year-round. 

Krewes with Public Events:

Most krewes have private Mardi Gras Balls without a public-facing portion beside the events established by Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana, Inc., such as Twelfth Night and the Royal Gala. However, the Krewe of Cosmos in Sulphur and the Krewe of Illusions both have public events and presentations that can be observed by an audience. 

The List of Active Krewes in Southwest Louisiana:

Krewe of Cosmos-Calcasieu Parish's First Merrymakers 
Est. 1951

Krewe of Contraband
Est. 1963

Krewe of Omega
Est. 1970 

Krewe of Mystique 
Est. 1973

Krewe des Amis
Est. 1979

Krewe de la Famille
Est. 1979

Krewe du Grande Bois
Est. 1980

Krewe du Lac
Est. 1983 

Krewe du Feteurs
Est. 1984 

Krewe de la Noblesse
Est. 1985

Krewe Chetu Jadi
Est. 1987

Krewe of Komova
Est. 1987

Krewe des Lunatiques
Est. 1988

Krewe Deja vu du Monde
Est. 1989 

Krewe of Illusions
Est. 1989

Krewe de la Contree
Est. 1990

Krewe C'est la Vie Mes Amis
Est. 1995

Krewe du Bon Coeur
Est. 1996

Krewe de Charlie Sioux
Est. 1996

Krewe des Gens Contents
Est. 1997 

Krewe des Magnifiques
Est. 1998 

Krewe du le Originales et les Enfants
Est. 1998 

Krewe de L'Ecore
Est. 1998

Krewe de la Maison Calcasieu
Est. 1999

Krewe de la Louisiane
Est. 2001

Krewe of Athena
Est. 2002

Krewe of Morpheus
Est. 2002

Krewe de L'Amitie
Est. 2002

Krewe de Autre Chance
Est. 2003

Krewe du Sauvage
Est. 2003

Krewe des Bon Amis
Est. 2005

Krewe of Chaos
Est. 2005

Krewe des Couillon Cadien
Est. 2008

Krewe de la Soiree
Est. 2014

Krewe de Ruckus
Est. 2017